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Channeling of Jean Estivel through Kris-Won, March 29th, 2011

"Please keep this in mind because if you don't do, that war that had been predicted by Michel de Nostradamus in the XVI century, one that could be avoided taking the appropriate diplomatic measures, will become a sad and terrible reality, with devastating consequences."

Within the next few years, the Israeli community will have to face an uprising of the Islamic countries who will demand the return of the territories they consider Israel has taken away from them. 

A possible war that could extend to other countries of the international community would provoke a conflict of unpredictable proportions, given the magnitude of the armaments that some Western countries have at their disposal. 

Moreover, the enormous patriotism and also the fanaticism and disregard for the death that characterizes the Muslim countries could result in a generalized conflict where, on the one hand, Western countries would support Israel, and on the other hand, all the Muslim countries would unite and which, nowadays, are many, going from Asia to Africa.

The world as we know it could disappear after a Third World War between the Western countries and the Islamic countries; that's why it is vitally important that, before what could be inevitable were to happen if things keep on developing the way they have up to now, an international effort be made to calm this explosive zone that is Palestine, place where there are pious people from all religions of the world, and for a peaceful solution to the existing problem in this territory to be found.

Once again, it is vitally important to solve this multiracial and multireligious conflict by peacefully, and to try to solve the differences between the Jewish and Palestine peoples through diplomatic means; otherwise, an armed conflict could be unleashed that could end up in a worldwide holocaust.

Believe what I am saying to you, for we in the astral world can foresee events before they happen, with an error margin lower than yours, who live in a three-dimensional world and therefore, are subject to many limitations.

It is a priority for you to start looking for solutions to the problem that separates the Israeli people from all the Islamic countries that surround it, and to not let the events to be unleashed by themselves; that would be disastrous for the peace and stability between East and West.

All the uprising movements that you are seeing in diverse countries, such as Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya, will provoke all the Muslim countries to gather together in the future, and when they see that they are stronger (we all know that there is strength in numbers) they will decide to free themselves forever of a country that has always stood up to them, which is Israel.

And that would be the beginning of a worldwide catastrophe, unless, as I said, you look for solutions beforehand to the Palestinian conflict and come to a peaceful solution soon, before the arms do the talking.

Please, keep this in mind because if you don't do it, the war predicted by Michel de Nostradamus in the XVI century, one that could be avoided taking the appropriate diplomatic measures, will become a sad and terrible reality, with devastating consequences."

Signed: Jean Estivel

Channeler: Kris-Won

Translator: Gloria Mühlebach


sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

March 26, 2011 - Channeling from "Iris"


Hello, I’m Iris and I live at the bottom of the sea.

In these days the sea of Japan has showed all its destructive power, launching a huge 10 meter wave against the Japanese coasts.

The sea is neither good nor bad, it only reacts to the stimuli it receives from Gaia, our Mother Earth in common.

This earthquake and the subsequent tsunami are part of the adjustment that our planet is making to mutate into the new planetary state that is to come, and it’s no use lamenting over them.

We must act as observers and witnesses of these events that are necessary for the establishment of the New Earth.

And if we have to live through them in our own geographical zones, then we must act also, as for some reason we are incarnate in this place.

If we don’t live in an area that has been affected by the earthquake, then our prayers and good wishes for the situation to be solved as soon as possible and for there to be as little victims as possible, as long as it is within the law, will be welcome.

The situation that remains in the Japan archipelago after the earthquake, and the one that has just struck the area of Myanmar in China, has turned very precarious and delicate, and it’s possible that more earthquakes will occur in the seas of Asia.

That zone is especially sensitive to the readjustments of Gaia; remember the earthquake and posterior tsunami of Indonesia or the earthquake in Thailand.

These geological alterations also affect and alter our cities under the sea, and sometimes some of the underwater tectonic plates' movement cause many deaths among us; and instead, you are not even aware of them on the surface.

Sometimes it is the other way around, and we don’t suffer the consequences in the bottom of the sea.

It all depends on where the epicenter of the earthquake is.

Now I must go, as I have to collaborate with my brothers and sisters in the reconstruction of a part of an underwater city that is very near to ours, that has suffered a mishap from another geological adjustment, although not as serious as the events in Japan.

Until our next communication.


Translator: Gloria Mühlebach

lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

SaLuSa Channeling(18-03-2011)


Washing the dishes in the kitchen I have clearly heard SaLuSa from Sirius 'talking' to me mentally and that he wanted to speak through me. I told him I'd rather not contact the sources of other channels for respect to them and he insisted and declared that he did want to speak through me. So, knowing that this Being is regularely channeled by Mike Quinsey, and as I don't t channel whenever I want, rather when they want to transmit, when I was done with the dishes I go to 'my office' and I'm at SaLuSa's disposal.

I am SaLuSa, from Sirius. I have come today to speak to all of you through a channel that is not habitual, for a reason that Mike knows, and as a medium for him ti understand something.

There is also another reason, but I will keep it, even if some particular people know why I'm doing it like this today.

To those people I say don't be in the mind, don't try to shuffle more cards than you are capable of, as long as you act or speak with humility and without vainglory of what you know, as the greek thinker said "you should only know that you know nothing".

Today I have come to speak about desire. There are people amongst you that have so many riches that they don't know what to do with the money they have, however, they are still unhappy and desire to have even more. 

And when they get more, they won't be happy, because the owner of such company has even more, and they can't be less, certainly noy! That's why they spend their lives desiring more and more, in spite of how much they already have.

Isn't it easier that a modest person, that only has the minimum and enough to live with dignity, can get to be happy than the first one, who in spite of having much, he desired even more?

That is why Christ said that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. 

However, not every rich and powerful person in the world is like this, there are also those with a good heart that don't doubt helping others. 

But there are very few, they are in fact the minority, a lot but the one who desires little, or that is satisfied whit what they have got.
You all know the adaggio that is not rich the one who has

In truth, there is no one richer than who is happy with what thay have. 

Not more, not less, they are happy with what life has given them, and ambition and greed will never damage them.

I advise you to not waste your energy accumulating riches in this three dimensional world, but do good deeds and share what you have with those in greatest need. 

There won't be anyone richer than the one who shares what little they have with the rest.

And the one who does this is most beloved to the Creator, believe me!

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I invite you to share that which life has smiled in abundance and generosity wtih, and that you are equally generous with those that ask for your help, or that you know they need it. 

And the heavens will know how to reward you in it's fair measure.

Published by Kris-Won

Transaltor: Macarena

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viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

S I T T I N G B U L L. Greetings from the Spiritual World

Greetings from the Spiritual World, where spirits who are not currently incarnate live.

I don't have the same name now that I had in that incarnation for which I was better known, but I will employ that name so that you can better recognize who is talking to you.

At that time, I was the Chief of an indigenous North American tribe, concretely, that of the Sioux, and I was known as "Sitting Bull".

We lived in peace and harmony with Nature, taking from Her only what we needed. We only hunted strictly the number of bisons we required to feed ourselves.

With the arrival of the white man, everything changed; they took our land away from us and confined us to a reserve, took away our freedom and our right to live in the sacred land of our ancestors.

The white men started to massacre bisons that grazed our prairies and that were our basic food, doing this only for the fact that they enjoyed hunting them. 

Their thirst for blood had no limits, and in their unconsciousness they practically decimated all of them, were it not for other white men united in association for the defense of the animals who prevented their complete extinction. But the damage was already done; they killed hundreds of thousands of them, for the sole reason that they enjoyed hunting them.

This and other savage acts of the first white colonists of the lands of North America, and other inhuman activities that are still being carried out today, are creating a tragic destiny that will be very painful for the North American people, for every action that a human being does has repercussions on that which will follow over the whole of the population.

That is why it is very important today that each one of you, not only in North America, but in all of the Americas, Europe and all the lands that rise over the oceans, carry out actions to counteract all the atrocities that have been carried out in the name of colonization and which you have called 'progress', that for me has been rather a backward movement, as these reprehensible and indignant acts of a human being have caused the near extinction of many animal species, and polluted and befouled the land and the oceans that Mother Nature gave us so that we could live on Her.

I trust, and thus ask Great Spirit, that all of you rectify on time to prevent the whole planet from being left without resources. 

Do not allow that future generations to feel ashamed for the way you treated our land and our oceans, and what is worse, that they curse you for having left them a polluted planet without basic resources for their subsistence.

Sitting Bull

Traductor: Gloria Mühlebach


Channel: KRIS-WON

miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Mother Mary. I am Mary, Mother not only of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Mother Mary

I am Mary, Mother not only of our Lord Jesus Christ, but of all of you. 

My name is invoked daily to request favours, healings and diverse petitions.

My mantle is so large it covers all sadness and pain in the world, which I cover with immaculate Love.

I give solace to those who invoke me, and my compassion and mercy give relief and consolation that your souls need, contrite by the separation from your own Reality.

My beloved Son is in charge of the redemption of souls that inhabit this planet, and I help him in this immensely exhausting labour, as do others.

Our Love for our Eternal Father is the engine that moves and feeds our efforts, and the Love He rewards us with compensates for any effort or sacrifice that we could do. 

In fact, His Love is our food, and the one who tastes this food, will no longer appreciate anything else in this world, or in the other, as there is nothing that can be compared to the Love of our Heavenly Father.

This is what my Son meant when he taught his disciples “Love God above all things, and love your neighbor as yourself”.

With these words he summarized the wisdom of all ages in only one sentence that is good for all human beings on this planet and for beings from other places in the Universe, for all entities that dwell in other spheres.

I would like to humbly ask all my children that read these lines, to join all praying souls in this world, and each one of you, in their own language and culture, pray for the cessation of war, that still lash the planet, fruit of the ignorance of a few people, and for peace, fraternity and harmony to be established among all men and women that should inhabit this planet as brothers and sisters, children of the same Father and the same Mother.

This is my request, which I ask of all of you, to fulfill my Son’s promise, that one day you would all see yourselves on the right side of the Lord, sharing His Love, which is the only key that opens the gate to happiness of the Spirit, the soul and the Body.

I will heave you for now, but have very present the petition that I have made, because the prayers of a few that join in Name of God can modify the events that had been foreseen to purify and straighten the mistaken actions of many human beings.

And with this many deaths can be avoided, and much suffering be alleviated, anticipated by destiny for the elevation of the planet and of the entire human race.

My heart is with you and my Love surrounds you wherever you are.

Mother Mary

Traductor: Gloria Mühlebach


Channel: KRIS-WON

sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

2nd. channeling from Iris (03/03/2011)

"And that is the paradox, that while the physical Universe expands, that is, it moves further away and expands, our souls, as the progress spiritually, advance with a firm step towards the One. What is physical, will distance itself, will move away; what is spiritual, on the other hand, tends to unify."

Peace to all my brothers and sisters. I am Iris, from the bottom of the ocean, and I come back again to be with you a few moments, and to share some of our thoughts. 

I will start by answering a question that I was posed directly, and which I came to know about thanks to the mental connection I have created with Kris.

An astute reader has asked me why we live at the bottom of the ocean, as that world belongs to the third dimension; therefore, it is one more illusion as the rest of physical manifestations and which, according to our reader, are forms created by our mind.

Dear one, the fact that you live in a third dimensional world does not mean that it is false or unreal. It exists in the physical world; therefore, it is real. 

And it is real for you and for me while we live in it, just like when you are dreaming, the world that surrounds you, created by your mind, is real for you while you are dreaming. 

That does not mean that all dreams are product of your imagination; sometimes they are places you have traveled to with your astral body and which, when you awaken, you confuse with your creations while you dream.

Because of that, to know that the world you live in is a creation of the Universal Mind or Supreme Consciousness, will help you to 'get out of this dream' that is the life; but while your consciousness is in the world, because you are experiencing certain experiences that you will take with you when you leave your body at the end of your life, then the 'game' continues.

Nevertheless, to live in the world being conscious of everything that surrounds you is an illusion of the Cosmic Mind that will help you to maintain your equanimity in your life, whatever may come to you during your lifetime. 

Play, then, your role, and interact with the others while being conscious of everything that is illusory, but which is also real while you are living in this world.

For instance, if you were to see us, you would prove that there are some physical differences that exist between you and us, because, obviously, your physical bodies have evolved in order to be able to breath air, while ours have evolved to be able to breathe under water. 

Our physical bodies differ a little, not much; however, the soul that gives them life is exactly the same, there are no differences between both our species.

And that is the paradox, that while the physical Universe expands, that is, it moves away and expands, our souls, as they progress spiritually advance with firm steps toward the One.

What is physical, will distance itself, will move away; what is spiritual, on the other hand, tends to unify."

That is a great teaching, the lesson we learn when we get to the end of the physical path, be it in the ocean or on mainland, no matter what species we belong to: that we are all One without exception; nothing exists beyond that One, that Unity in Consciousness. 

What differs are the bodies, but our souls are only One, and it belongs to God. 

Thank you for listening to me, and until another day, beloved ones,

I embrace you,


Channel: KRIS-WON

Traductor: Gloria Mühlebach,Macarena and Steve.


martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

My name is Adonis. In Ancient Greece I was adored as a God of Olympus, and as the summit of beauty in a male human body


My name is Adonis. In Ancient Greece I was adored as a God of Olympus, and as the summit of beauty in a male human body.

Likewise, Goddess Aphrodite was considered as the maximum apex of feminine beauty.

But I’m no god, neither were Zeus, Aphrodite, Heracles, Athena or Apollo. 

I was a common man, but due to my physical beauty I was so admired by women, that the fame they gave me raised me to the altars of the Greeks.

As you all know by now, there is only one God, and the “gods” or semi-gods, as some called them, were human men and women who excelled at some deed or exploit in a far past, and humans created legends about them, giving them supernatural strengths or powers.

It’s true that man’s imagination has no limits.

The old inhabitants of Greece were obsessed by physical beauty, which you can corroborate by looking at the paintings and specially sculptures of the artist from those times, which reflected in those male and female bodies of perfect complexion the concept that each one of them was capable of conceiving and reproducing.

Each soul can choose the type of body it will flaunt when it is born on Earth, being one that most adapts to the type of experience the soul shall live in its voyage through material life.

Then you could say: “If this were so, everybody would choose a body of incomparable beauty, be it as a man or a woman”. 

Well, this is not so, because beautiful people have different problems to those who are not so graceful in appearance; ask anyone who, like me, had or have at the moment beautiful bodies.

A man or a woman with a more common physique will go more unnoticed, and his or her physical imperfection will force him or her to make a bigger effort to be well prepared intellectually, artistically or in a craft. 

On the contrary, the disenchantment of a beautiful person when he or she loses her beauty with the passing of time can sink him/her in the deepest of depressions, for believing that he or she has lost the power of attraction over others.

The current times, of films, television, music or fashion catwalks, are filled with cases like this.

My advice is, and this is why I’ve come, don’t lose heart if you are not physically graceful; in one word, if you’re ugly! Because you won’t have to pass as many tests or as many troubles as the beautiful people throughout history. 

And for those who are beautiful or gorgeous, my comment to you is be aware that there will be peak and euphoric moments, and others of sadness and disappointment; but don’t center your attention exclusively on physical beauty.

Remember, all, that you are in essence is spiritual, that the physic that you have is only your outer shell, and what is really important is what is within.

Inner beauty is more important, much more important than exterior beauty!

Take that into consideration when setting eyes on the person that will be your partner, look more into their interior, in their values, aims, way of thinking, and do not only judge them on their good or bad looks. Specially young men and women!

A greeting to all who read this, and my gratitude to the channel who has picked my thoughts, to get them to you.


Channel: Kris Won

Traductor: Gloria Mühlebach

Salomé. Greetings to all human beings

Note by KrisWon: I sat in front of my laptop to begin a new channeling from Commander Sohin, that we usually do on Sundays; but after waiting a while and finding myself in a profound inner meditation, Salomé, a regular acquaintance of mine who has been sending me telepathic messages for a few years now, is in a small ship orbiting the Earth in a mission along with four partners, two men and two women, tells me that Sohin is busy in that moment with an urgent task, she tells me it has to do with the blocking that They do of the aggressive acts from those in darkness. I ask her if she graciously accepts to star in this Sunday’s channeling. We will see what happens)

Greetings to all human beings who read this message. We greet you, us, your cosmic brothers and sisters, who have come to back you up and give you our support in the current moments of planetary transition. 

Yes, it’s true, I know Cristian very well, although he doesn’t remember the encounters between us and him consciously, because it’s better this way for the moment. 

We have been contacting him for several years, during which we have been preparing him, molding him and working over his subtle centers, especially for telepathic reception, as he would need it for his work of mental reception with all of us.

Some more of you are being worked on likewise, mainly in the functional reactivation of the pineal gland, which is the antenna that your physical body has to receive the mental impulses coming from other minds.

It is precise that our work is developed step by step and during successive ‘interventions’ that normally take place while our contacts are asleep. 

These alterations that we do in your pineal gland, as well as other centers in your body, some of them also in your etheric body, in the circular and rotating energy centers that you call chakras, if they were done in only one session this could produce severe damages, which is why it becomes necessary to act on them in a spaced out way and following certain guidelines.

In a near future, these interventions on your physical and etheric bodies will be done on all humanity, and their DNA chain will be conveniently modified, so that your physical bodies are always healthy and not so prone at contracting illnesses as you are now, because as a general rule, and due a diet that is deficient and polluted by your own chemical products, your immune systems do not have the effectiveness one could expect.

The human race of this planet will be, with our intervention, propelled towards the obtainment of a perfect physical body, and I don’t mean the achievement of physical beauty at all. In this sense, you are being manipulated by the cosmetic and pharmacological industry, which constantly bombards you with subliminal messages to make you keep an unhealthy obsession with keeping your body beautiful, because they want to make you believe that you are worth for the physical appearance that you have.

But the truth is, what you must do is keep your body healthy, without the adulterated need to remain beautiful at every age. 

Each age has its own charm and beauty is purely within, it is not based on more or less wrinkles in the skin or not having an ounce of fat on the body. 

If obesity is very harmful, this is true, you mustn’t reach a point that you are obsessed in this way if you have a few extra kilos or if you have a few wrinkles on your face.

First take care of being happy, of breathing deeply several times a day, if it’s possible fresh air from the country, to keep a peaceful and inner calm state; this is much more important. When you are calm within, you will also manifest that peace in your bodies in a natural way and without the need of losing valuable hours of your precious time going to gyms, saunas or beauty parlors.

Set, first, a goal to reach in your life that is worthy, don’t walk blindly through life.

And when this is set, walk with decision avoiding all obstacles with the security that you will sort through them, with intelligence, making use of your talents and skills. 

And last, I advise all readers to not spend so much time in front of the TV. 

Pick programs that you will watch and be selective with the time you dedicate to watching them, as the mental food with which you feed your minds is as or more important than the physical food you ingest with your mouth.

Us, visitors from our worlds and planes, will be able to help you efficiently if you also help yourselves.

Take note of this advise, and don’t discard them as the person who reads the news of the day and the forgets them. 

Be consequent with all your acts, weigh your decisions well and don’t act lightly, because in the present there’s much at stake.

Greeting you with much love and spirit of fraternity,


Canal : Kris-Won

Traductor: Macarena Herreros,Gloria and Steve